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Abu Dhabi Palace Mosque


With a strong vision for the future, Abu Dhabi  as growing as a destination for business and leisure, with state-of-the-art cultural landmarks playing a part in attracting tourism and new.


Over the last two decades, Amsterdam has invested extensively in cultural infrastructure. More than 25 institutions have been built, rebuilt or refurbished, including the central public library, the Rijksmuseum,.


The city has transformed from a small city into a major metropolis, partly due to the rapidly growing tech-sector, robust live-music scene, and globally famed and attended festivals such.


Barcelona holds the title of a UNESCO City of Literature, reflecting its longstanding association with international publishing. The city's 41 libraries serve as central cultural hubs, drawing 6.4 million.


Bengaluru demonstrates a remarkable capacity for embracing change and fostering intellectual and cultural exchange. The Bangalore International Centre, inaugurated in 2019, serves as a hub for hosting prestigious events,.


Brasília already boasts the third-largest creative economy in the country, accounting for 3.1% of GDP. The city is committed to further nurturing this sector by fostering entrepreneurship and cultivating.


The City of Brussels is the largest municipality and historical centre of the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as the capital of the Flemish Region and Belgium. The City of.

Buenos Aires

The government views public spaces as strategic platforms for collaborating with community cultural organisations. With over 80 festivals taking place throughout the year, Buenos Aires is committed to supporting.


Chengdu offers a vibrant cultural scene, boasting two UNESCO World Heritage sites, an impressive array of 150 museums, and a lively nightlife featuring over 2,000 bars and nightclubs. The.


Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois, Chicago is among the largest cities in the U.S, famed for its bold architecture, passion for sports and richly diverse.


There has been an increased awareness in Dubai of the need to conserve and promote the Emirate’s heritage and cultural identity. This has encouraged the development of strategies to increase cultural.


Dublin's modern economy is heavily influenced by its capacity to attract international business, with 250 global financial institutions and nine of the top ten global ICT (Information and Communication.


Scotland's visitor attractions received over 30 million visits in 2017, with seven of the top 10 most visited attractions located in Edinburgh, including renowned sites like Edinburgh Castle and.


Innovative economic models, involving partnerships between the Government, businesses, and residents, have yielded projects that both preserve cultural heritage and enhance the overall quality of life in the modern.


Hamburg boasts an impressive array of cultural institutions, with over 300 in total. Among them, the renowned Elbphilharmonie Hamburg stands out. Opened in 2017, this concert hall is perched.


The city centre has transformed into a vibrant cultural hub, featuring attractions like the new Central Library Oodi, art museums such as Kiasma, Amos Rex, and Helsinki Art Museum.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has emerged as one of the world's art trading hubs, with imports and exports of works of art, collector's pieces, and antiques amounting to $33.6 billion in.


Istanbul is immensely rich in cultural heritage, and the historic peninsula of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Some landmarks date back to Roman times, including the.


Being a hospitable city Kyiv is the perfect place to host global entertainment events: starting from ATLAS Weekend, Moto Open Fest, Kyiv Art Week, Kyiv Light Fest beloved by.


Lagos is at the centre of the most important film industry in Africa, Nollywood, which produces around 1,500 films each year, telling stories of ordinary lives which have an.


Encouraging the growth of art, technology, and other creative industries in Lisbon was a key part of Portugal’s response to the 2010 financial crisis, along with using culture to.


The Mayor's 2018 Culture Strategy, titled 'Culture for All Londoners,' placed cultural inclusion at the core of its vision. This strategy encompasses four key priorities: enabling more citizens to.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County boasts a vibrant cultural ecosystem, comprising over 3,499 nonprofit arts organisations and a thriving community of more than 150,000 working artists. Notably, Los Angeles hosts more.


Substantial investments are currently directed towards the arts precinct, with the aim of ensuring that the public spaces surrounding these iconic institutions are just as inclusive and inspiring as.


The city administration not only owns but also directly manages several cultural sites, including more than 20 museums, 35 libraries, and other cultural centres. However, private stakeholders, especially in.


At the heart of the city's cultural offerings lies the Quartier des Spectacles cultural district. It houses 85 institutional and cultural partners, including performance venues, museums, galleries, cinemas,.


Much of the cultural workforce is employed by small, medium, and micro-enterprises across the city. These play a vital role in the sector’s ecosystem and work cooperatively together. As.

New York

Mayor Adams has introduced the "Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent: A Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery" to outline his vision for guiding the city post-pandemic. The plan is structured.


The intersection between the city and the natural environment has always been a focal point for cultural and other projects, but it has taken on new urgency and comprehensiveness.


A Hub for Fashion, Heritage and Creativity The capital of France and the most populous city in Europe, celebrated worldwide for its fashion and architectural wonders Cultural Heritage For centuries, artists have.

Rio de Janeiro

From Samba Rhythms to Contemporary Art: Rio's Neighbourhoods Pulse with Culture Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, and famous for its breath taking landscape, vibrant culture.

San Francisco

San Francisco continues to be one of the cities with the highest concentration of artists and arts organisations per capita in the United States. Its vibrant creative and cultural.
City landscape of Sao Paulo

São Paulo

Building a Cultural Ecosystem: São Paulo's Vision for Sustainable Arts Communities São Paulo is the largest city in the Southern hemisphere and the economic powerhouse of Brazil Cultural Heritage The city of.


For the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), current key priorities include the application of innovative technologies, expanding citizens' participation, and preserving cultural heritage.


The Shenzhen Effect: Design Innovation Takes Center Stage in Shenzhen's Growth Shenzhen links Hong Kong to China’s mainland, is a leading centre for innovation and a UNESCO City of Design Cultural.


Stockholm has emerged as one of Europe's most successful startup and cultural entrepreneurship hubs, home to renowned companies like Spotify, Skype, Klarna, and King. In fact, Stockholm boasts the.

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